The little bird's wings have finally grown large
It's a day to take flight

Luna ☾ Non-binary ☾ She/They ☾ 21 y/o (October 29) ☾ Mixed ☾ Bi ☾ Portuguese ☾ Scorpio ☾ Mage of Doom ☾ Scormini ☾ I love fictional characters way too much


The wide sea's warm color beckons in the distance

I consider myself agender as in I don't care about gender/the social norms each gender represent but I do relate to these xenogenders (not saying they're not real genders but associating myself to them makes me feel comfortable, happy and like I belong)


I don't use the pronouns associated with these xenogenders, just she/they!!



Ran Mitake (Bandori)

Sayori (Doki Doki Literature Club)
Amethyst (Steven Universe)
Smoky Quartz (Steven Universe)
Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica)


Himeko Mashima (Show by Rock!!)

Low kin

Draculaura (Monster High)
Deuce Spade (Twisted Wonderland)
Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)
Nico Yazawa (Love Live!)
Arisa Ichigaya (Bandori)
Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Demencia (Villainous)
Meulin Leijon (Homestuck)

No core doubles please

✰ Iffy with doubles on primary kins

✰ Doubles on secondary and low kins are okay!

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My lovely friends ♡

No no no, this moment is the greatest!

We made it here chasing the light. Because it's us,
We won't say farewell
We'll meet again, won't you call me?
We're a dream
That connects to a wonderful future
A future we dreamed of
Our LIVE & LIFE with you

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I'm a self shipper

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These encounters with everyone
Were so joyful I never wanted to let go, it's true

Ayato Sakamaki is my fictional other! I really really love him, my feelings for him are really deep and he makes me really truly happy!
Sometimes I even get sad and somewhat bothered and feeling weird when other people love him or have him as a fave/fictional other since I love him so much in such a real way it ends up hurting me and making me feel jealous seeing others loving him too.

I love all my favorite characters equally but at different levels and relationship labels? With Ayato I see and love him as my lover and s/o (or f/o)

I met Diabolik Lovers in 2014 (or maybe 2013??) but I was just a very casual fan, I knew the characters and I think I watched the anime but that was it. By looks only, Ayato caught my eye right of the bat and I considered him my favorite for that and like that is stayed. Maybe I should have given the other boys a chance before cementing Ayato as my top favorite not even looking at the others but Ayato caught me with his looks at never let me go.
Fast foward to 2018, I don't know why or when (I think it was March/April??) I began to have a huge interest in Diabolik Lovers and,
consequently, Ayato.
He soon began taking over my entire life. I looked at pictures of him, read piles of headcanons and facts, watched the anime and even downloaded the first game and read the other games's routes. Like I said, since Ayato had caught my eye at first, I focused myself entirely on Ayato. Would my fave now be different if I had looked into the others guys more? Now that Ayato is my cemented favorite and I've read more about the others I don't know if I had picked another one but I may be biased.

Everything from his looks to his way of being attracts me into him more and more.
He was the first character I ever ordered merch online by myself of and I have an itabag dedicated to him which I take everywhere.
Even though merch isn't everything and is no indicative over how much someone loves a character, I love having Ayato merch and every time I can, I get a lil something to add to my shrine. I like to wake up and see my shrine next to me, I like to go out and take him with me, it just makes me very hapy.

This may even seem silly but sometimes, when I'm having huge migraines, looking at Ayato pictures eases them and makes me feel a bit better.
Whenever I'm feeling at my lowest he shows up, either as a new art or as a piece of merch that arrives at my house, weeks after I ordered it, arrving just when I need him the most.

When I was at college and my depression was at it's highest, I looked at the rubber strap on my phone or took my ita bag and felt a little better, knowing he was there.
Every piece of merch I own is special, no matter how big or how small, every single piece means the world to me and makes me incredibly happy, I hope my collection continues to grow.

I talk about him so much it's hard not to repeat myself, adding the fact that I can't express my feelings properly so when I manage to do so, I just repeat that over and over. No matter how much I write and make edits, post pictures with just keysmashing in the captions and whatnot I'll never be able to to truly express what I feel towards him.

Diabolik Lovers isn't a typical otome game, it explores dark topics and the main characters are extremely traumatized leading to them being sadists, which gives a different feel to the whole story. The fact we see their trauma and how they became who they are and how they act the way you do makes you feel more connected to them.

Ayato is was abused both physically and mentally by his mother and in exchanged he also abused the heroine but grew up from his mistakes and is healing over time.
He's cruel, cold and sadistic. He built that barrier so no one else could hurt him like his mother did.
He can be silly and a prankster and he shows love in his own way, after breaking down all those strong walls around his heart that just needs attention.
He acts like he's the best because deep down he maybe feels like the worst.

Ayato Sakamaki is a deep complex character and I love him ♡

Ayato Thread ♡


Diabolik Lovers
Love Live!
Twisted Wonderland
☾ Boku no Hero Academia
☾ Kuroko no Basket
☾ Show By Rock!!
☾ Pokemon
☾ Free!
☾ Soul Eater
☾ Sailor Moon
☾ Danganronpa
☾ Haikyuu!!
Hazbin Hotel
Helluva Boss
☾ Homestuck

☾ Mirai Nikki, Servamp, Higurashi, Killing Stalking, The Caligula Effect/Caligula Overdose, Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun, Brand New Animal, Steven Universe, Doki Doki Literature Club, Percy Jackson, Bloody†Mary, Villainous

☾ cosplay, pastel goth, goth and steampunk fashion/aesthetic, astronomy, performing arts, vampires, graphic design, gore, otome games & anime, magical girls, space aesthetic

It's painful, just like a painting drawn within a dream

My all-time ultimate forever favorite fictional characters! They mean the whole world to me, no matter how much time goes by

My fictional other


Other faves


Would you like to try winding back time?

Comfort Characters ♡

Comfort Ships ♡


Other characters I really love

Love Live ☾ Honoka ☾ Nico ☾ Nozomi ☾ Eli ☾ Hanamaru ☾ Yohane ☾ Ai
Bandori ☾ Yukina ☾ Chisato
Deresute ☾ ChitoseP ☾ SyokoP ☾ Asuka ☾ Akira ☾ Tokiko
Knb ☾ Aomine ☾ Akashi
Haikyuu!! ☾ Hinata ☾ Nishinoya ☾ Kuroo ☾ Bokuto ☾ Kenma ☾ Atsumu
Owari no Seraph ☾ Krul ☾ Mika
Bnha ☾ Bakugou ☾ Kirishima ☾ Mina ☾ Shouto ☾ Eri ☾ Dabi/Touya
Homestuck ☾ Gamzee ☾ Vriska ☾ Meulin
Diabolik Lovers ☾ Laito ☾ Yui ☾ Shu ☾ Kanato ☾ Ruki ☾ Azusa ☾ Kou
Nanbaka ☾ Nico ☾ Uno ☾ Samon
Danganronpa ☾ Ibuki ☾ Celestia ☾ Junko
Sailor Moon ☾ Minako ☾ Usagi
MLP: FIM ☾ Pinkie Pie ☾ Fluttershy ☾ Princess Luna
The Caligula Effect ☾ Ritsu ☾ Sweet P ☾ μ ☾ Wicked
Free! ☾ Rin ☾ Hiyori ☾ Ikuya
Show By Rock!! ☾ Ruhuyu ☾ Crow ☾ Joe ☾ Yasu
Twisted Wonderland ☾ Leona ☾ Floyd ☾ Lilia ☾ Malleus
Hazbin Hotel ☾ Angel ☾ Cherri ☾ Husk ☾ Charlie ☾ Vaggie
Helluva Boss ☾ Blitzo ☾ Loona
Brand New Animal ☾ Michiru ☾ Shirou
Hanako Kun Tsuchigomori ☾ Amane ☾ Yugi
Servamp ☾ Kuro ☾ Hyde ☾ Sakuya ☾ Licht
DDLC ☾ Sayori ☾ Yuri
Yaribu ☾ Yuri ☾ Tamura
Villainous ☾ Demencia ☾ Black Hat
Higurashi ☾ Shion ☾ Rena

☾ Lio Fotia ☾ Stocking Anarchy ☾ Violet Evergarden ☾ Zero Kiryu ☾ Rin Okumura ☾ Loki Laevatein ☾ Hikaru Hikatchiin ☾ Nao Tomori ☾ Shin (Amnesia) ☾ Mahiru Banba ☾ Staz Charlie Blood


☆ Nozomi Tojo x Eli Ayase

♡ Ruby Kurosawa x Hanamaru Kunikida ♡

♡ Eijiro Kirishima x Katsuki Bakugo ♡

♡ Mikaela Hyakuya x Yuichiro Hyakuya ♡

☆ Shouto Todoroki x Izuku Midoriya

☆ Ochako Uraraka x Mina Ashido

☆ Momo Yaoyorozu x Kyoka Jirou

☆ Togata Mirio x Amajiki Tamaki

☆ Denki Kaminari x Kyoka Jirou

☆ Tobio Kageyama x Shouyou Hinata

☆ Kenna Kozume x Shouyou Hinata

☆ Hajime Iwazumi x Tooru Oikawa

☆ Koutarou Bokuto x Keiji Akaash

☆ Tetsurou Kuroo x Kenma Kozume

☆ Tetsurou Kuroo x Koutarou Bokuto

☆ Kiyoko Shimizu x Hitoka Yachi

♡ Rin Matsuoka x Haruka Nanase ♡

☆ Ikuya Kirishima x Hiyori Toono

☆ Rei Ryugazaki x Nagisa Hazuki

☆ Isuzu Mikoshiba x Gou Matsuoka

☆ Uno x Jyugo

☆ Tamura Yui x Yuri Ayato

☆ Nagito Komaeda x Hajime Hinata

☆ Rose Lalonde x Kanaya Maryam

☆ Gamzee Makara x Tavros Nitram

☆ Vriska Serket x Terezi Pyrope

☆ Madoka Kaname x Homura Akemi

☆ Noiz x Aoba Seragaki

☆ Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy

☆ Luculia Marlborough x Violet Evergarden

☆ Charlotte Magne/Charlie x Vaggie

☆ Moca Aoba x Ran Mitake

☆ Tomoe Udagawa x Himari Uehara

☆ Yukina Minato x Lisa Imai

☆ Yukina Minato x Sayo Hikawa

☆ Sayo Hikawa x Lisa Imai

☆ Yukina Minato x Sayo Hikawa x Lisa Imai

☆ Kasumi Toyama x Arisa Ichigaya

☆ Kaoru Seta x Chisato Shirasagi

☆ Rinko Shirokane x Ako Udagawa

☆ Aya Maruyama x Chisato Shirasagi

☆ Aya Maruyama x Hina Hikawa

☆ Chisato Shirasagi x Hina Hikawa

☆ Aya Maruyama x Chisato Shirasagi x Hina Hikawa

☆ Himeko Mashima x Howan

☆ Deuce Spade x Ace Trappola

☆ Ayumu Uehara x Yu Takasaki

☆ Karin Asaka x Emma Verde